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Younger students 

Will start using correct English at an early age and it will become habit.


  • It will give them a greater level of confidence and allow them to compete.

  • Without this aspect of their lives being corrected it could hold them back from many aspects of life such as speaking in front of groups, and/or competing with other races in the area of communication.  


Older students

They will have to stop using the old language and learn a new way of speaking which is the correct way.  These students have 4 or more courses of English but still use poor English, this should not be.

  •  It must be brought to their attention in order for them to know that it is not acceptable.

  • They need to be challenged and channeled in the right direction.

  • This book will put them on the right path.  Each generation will win using this valuable tool.


Our children learn from us, we learned from our parents.  This is the perfect opportunity for adults to get some much needed training in the privacy of their own homes or in a group setting with friends and loved ones.  

"This book is designed to help you improve the words you use on a daily basis.  It has been my experience that people look at you differently when they perceive that you are educated and articulate. This tutorial is designed to help anyone that wants to improve how they speak. When you communicate with others, you should use correct English, and not Ebonics or broken English. Designed to be a one to two-week tutorial, this is a self help tool for learning better communication skills."

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